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In our catalogue section, you have the possibility to take a look at our current catalogues.

You prefer a printed copy? No problem! Please request our recent catalogues here . If you are not yet registered as a customer, please send us a copy of your trade license and you will receive your access code shortly.

Or, when time is of the essence, you can of course download it as a PDF-file.

Catalogues 2019

Hauptkatalog Cover

General Catalogue 2019

View & Download:

General Catalogue 2019 (50 MB PDF)

Nico Europe Schweiz Katalog 2019

Switzerland 2019

View & Download:

Switzerland 2019 (16 MB PDF)

Partykatalog 2019 Cover

Party articles 2019

View & Download:

Party articles 2019 (11 MB PDF)

Catalogues 2018

Hauptkatalog 2018 Cover

General Catalogue 2018

View & Download:

General Catalogue 2018 (42 MB PDF)

NICO Europe Schweiz Katalog 2018

Switzerland 2018

View & Download:

Switzerland 2018 (21 MB PDF)


Party articles 2018

View & Download:

Party articles 2018 (3.5 MB PDF)

Catalogues 2017


General Catalogue 2017

Flip Catalogue

Download: General Catalogue 2017 (100 MB PDF)


Party articles 2017

Flip catalogue

Download: Party articles 2017 (6 MB PDF)


Novelties 2017

Flip catalogue

Download: Novelties 2017 (5 MB PDF)

NICO Europe Neuheitenkatalog Schweiz 2017 Cover

Novelties Switzerland 2017

View & Download:

Novelties Switzerland 2017 (4 MB PDF)

Catalogues 2016


General catalogue 2016

flip catalogue
Download: General catalogue 2016 (277 MB PDF)


Party articles 2016

flip catalogue
Download: Party articles 2016 (24 MB PDF)

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