CO₂ Compensation

Climate responsibility on our own initiative

The NICO Group offsets all CO2 released during the burning of our articles. This applies to all our circulated products as well as to our self-used pyrotechnics at fireworks displays around the world. In this way, we not only want to support every New Year’s Eve fireworks fan in reducing his or her ecological footprint, but also offer pyrotechnicians another free service, which they can use as an argument in order acquisition, if they use our pyrotechnics for their shows. This year alone, we offset 240 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to about 19,200 trees. (One tree binds approx. 12.5 kilos of CO2 Source:

Side by side with strong partners

The Gold Standard is the world’s strictest certification standard and only certifies climate protection projects that meet the highest requirements. Here, in addition to the additionality of the climate protection projects, numerous other criteria must be met to ensure sustainable development in the countries in which the projects are implemented. The Gold Standard certifies both climate protection projects that lead to emission reductions traded on commitment markets (see CDM Gold Standard), as well as those for voluntary markets. It is important that CO2 certificates are certified by recognized institutions, for example VCS, Gold Standard, BUND, CarbonFix, CCB Standards, DFG-Energy and others. Only then is it guaranteed that the certificates actually originate from effective climate protection projects and are not sold multiple times. The certificates transferred in this way are then permanently set aside (Source Wikipedia).

We support the "Oven Project"

In many African countries, wood and coal are the most important sources of energy. It is particularly important to meet the growing demand for these two resources without cutting down more trees than can grow back in the same period. We also support organizations that greatly improve energy efficiency on the consumer side. This also leads to cost savings that benefit the poorest.

Why we support the "oven project"

“I have had to experience for myself during a Ghana trip in Kumasi, Accra and on the countryside what a waste of resources and what an investment of time it is for the people there to prepare simple meals or to boil water to make it more edible with the usual wood stoves. The nearby forests are cut down and the smoke in the small huts burns the eyes and damages the lungs. That organizations start exactly here, to improve the stoves and ovens, is a great idea.”

Nicolas Kandler (NICO Product Development)

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