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How high is the fine dust content of fireworks?

The fine dust content of fireworks is only 0.7% of the total annual fine dust emission in Germany (measured by an independent institute at the end of 2019). In the course of their discussions, the German Pyrotechnic Industry Association (VPI) and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) decided to choose a weighted emission factor, which provides a more accurate picture.

How climate relevant is fine dust?

Fine dust is not climate-relevant. These are only local emissions. Greenhouse gases, especially CO2, are crucial for global warming, the climate change.

What is the percentage of CO2 emissions from fireworks?

The CO2 emission of fireworks is 0.00013% of the annual German greenhouse gas emissions. The share of CO2 by fireworks calculated by the CPI is 2,373 tons. Calculated on the total emission of CO2 in Germany of 805,000,000 tons, this results in a share of 0.00013%.

Are annual limits exceeded?

No city in Germany exceeds its annual limit values. The limit value permitted in Germany is 40 μg PM10/cubic meter as an annual average. A PM10 daily average, moreover, may not exceed 50 μg PM10/cubic meter more than 35 times. None of the 98 cities named by Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) this year exceeded this limit.

Are there fireworks that are more climate and environmentally friendly?

Yes, there is! The fireworks items of the NICO Green Line are climate-neutral, noise-reduced and plastic-free or reduced. This is a real step forward for the environment and animals!
Here you can find out all about the new revolutionary fireworks:


What are fireworks made of?

Fireworks are largely made of recyclable materials, such as plant fibers, paper and wood. Pyrotechnic sets (“powders”) are used, wire and plastics are also included. Already today, the industry is launching fireworks that are made of 100% recyclable materials. The way is the goal, plastics are to disappear completely.

What about environmental compatibility in fireworks?

NICO selects the materials used according to aspects of environmental compatibility. Our goal: In the future, fireworks for sale in Germany should be completely compostable. At the same time, however, the materials must also have a certain service life in order to ensure that the safety of the fireworks is not affected by external influences (e.g. moisture). Therefore, development and approval continue.

How does NICO deal with plastics?

NICO has reduced the proportion of plastics in many articles to a minimum. Initial successes have already been achieved: the entire industry, in cooperation with its suppliers, is giving priority to using materials based on recyclable paper in order to reduce the proportion of plastics. However, due to safety aspects, not all parts can be made of paper so far.

Are there also quiet fireworks?

Yes, there are both quiet and volume-reduced fireworks. These are especially good for people with pets.

Good to know: ALL articles of the “Green Line” from NICO are noise-reduced and particularly animal-friendly.

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