NICO Green Line

Eco-friendly fireworks & magical moments

We proudly present the revolutionary new “green” product line from NICO. Our sensational new product is more environmentally friendly, climate neutral & plastic free.

Discover the great effects & benefits of our brand-new fireworks range! We are the experts for sustainable fireworks! Because combining fun & sustainability – yes, it’s possible!
We go the sustainable way. The mindful & responsible handling of fireworks is very important to us. With the new product line, we combine environmental awareness & entertainment. We say YES to environmental awareness & YES to fireworks. Yes, we care.

It is the beginning of a new trend:
Ecological fireworks in exclusive design.

New environmentally friendly products

Our new silent items

The volume of fireworks is regulated by law in this country. All articles of the categories F2 must not exceed 120 db(AI) at a distance of eight meters. Our new fireworks are even significantly quieter than the specifications.

We have been producing quiet fireworks for decades. Consideration is important, both towards wildlife and towards fellow human beings. The new range is a real step forward for all domestic & wild animals.

Look for the “noise reduced” seal! It identifies the quiet items. It is always our goal to find good solutions – so that everyone has fun!

7 advantages of the new product range

  1. Concept made for the future – fits all contemporary developments
    and environmental goals
  2. Sales increase due to promising products
  3. Your Customers will love it – shows your customers that you
    care about sustainability
  4. Important topic for more attention to environmental protection
  5. CO2 neutral articles – NICO’s own initiative: emission
    compensation for each fireworks article sold
  6. Environmental NICO promise – better classification for consumers
  7. Unique design – immediate recognition effect as
    “Green Fireworks”

NICO Environmental Protection Promise​

We have been actively involved in environmental protection for years. You will find the environmental protection promise on the packaging of all items in the Green Line.

Here we explain what it’s about:

(1 packaging recyclable as waste paper; contains no plastic.

(2 Plastic reduced compared to conventional fireworks, packaging and feet made of plastic were exchanged for recycled cardboard.

(3 Reduced noise: without noisy bursting charge compared to traditional Fireworks.

(4 CO2-neutral: by offsetting the CO2 emissions of the entire product cycle.

CO2 offset & climate neutrality at NICO

Climate change is one of the biggest threats of our time & we want to take responsibility. Environmental protection is very close to our hearts. After we have already achieved
1. the expansion of our conference technology,
2. the reduction of business trips &
3. the introduction of the “paperless office”,

we are now offsetting the entire CO2 emissions for all items in our new climate-friendly product range. This means that from production to transport to burning, the CO2 emitted is completely offset.

Sustainable fireworks – that’s the future

As a general rule, at least 90% of each firework is made from recycled paper or wood. We mainly use renewable materials and reduce plastics in our articles and in everyday life. The ecological products show what is possible – we have developed fireworks that are environmentally friendly. Environmental protection is a social challenge that we have been facing for years with initiative and responsibility.

What else we do to protect the environment:

  • For the entire assortment: offsetting CO2 produced during burning
  • Sustainable production
  • Manufacture of products from waste paper
  • Reduction of plastic parts (e.g. abandonment of plastic sleeves)
  • Reuse of transportation cartons
(2 Reduced plastic compared to conventional fireworks, the plastic packaging and feet were exchanged for recycled cardboard. (3 Reduced noise: without loud bursting charges compared to conventional fireworks. (4 CO2-neutral: by offsetting the CO2 emissions of the entire product cycle.

Good for the world.
Good for the people.
Perfect for Entertainment!

Start now with us into the future! Great entertainment, new target groups and revenue sources are waiting for you!
Your customers can now enjoy entertainment in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Let’s build the bridge between environmental awareness and fireworks together!