1. Install App
    To get started right away, please install the IGNITE app via App Store or Google Play.
  2. Charge battery
    You can charge the battery with the USB charger. On delivery, the battery is partially charged.
  3. Installing the antenna on the IGNITE module
    Carefully mount the antenna on the top of the IGNITE module.
  4. Link modules
    Link the module to the app and select the desired color in the app.
  5. Check connection
    Place the module at the desired position. At least 2 bars should be visible at the connection.
  6. Attach detonators
    Clamp the igniters to the fireworks and then connect the igniters to the IGNITE module.

Congratulations – you’re ready to get started! Now you just have to choose between these two options:


Show shoot manually by pressing the buttons in the Free Shoot section.



Design a show with the show designer and start it automatically.

Instructions for the IGNITE App


In the area for the modules you can couple up to six IGNITE modules for a maximum of 108 fireworks. You can also view and change the current battery charge level, the connected items and the module color (red, green, blue, turquoise, pink, purple).

My fireworks

Create and manage your own personal fireworks database. You can scan barcodes of fireworks, create your own barcodes or browse through our integrated product catalogs.

Manual shooting

Free-Shoot turns your cell phone into a video game controller for shooting fireworks. Choose a module, press the buttons and light up the sky.


Fire shows designed with our online software IGNITE Show Designer. Press a button, sit back and watch your show burn from start to finish.

Functions in the app

Here you can find all the info for the IGNITE app and instructions on how to use the app in a short video.
Note: Video is currently only available in English.

If you haven’t created a show yet, feel free to visit our info page about the IGNITE show designer and learn more about the preparations for your planned fireworks show! Here you can find all info about the show designer.

Start now!