Table Fireworks & Crackers

Crackers - There is a lot of fun in it!

Crackers (also called Christmas crackers) are small fireworks in the shape of a large drop. By simultaneously pulling on both ends, the cracker is separated into two halves with a short pop and small gifts or a banner appear. Christmas crackers are an integral part of Christmas traditions and New Year’s Eve celebrations in the UK.

Crackers are universal for many different events. Our draw crackers are ideal as a place gift for larger events, giveaways at corporate parties, elegant table decorations, party attractions on New Year’s Eve and Christmas. Of course also perfect for children’s birthday parties, as place cards at a gala dinner or as packaging for an invitation.

NICO Crackers are available in different colors, motifs and sizes. Our pop candy assortment boxes are ideal for hotels and restaurants!

Table fireworks - decoration for party flair

Table fireworks are specially designed for safe indoor use. Table bombs or the NICO party bomb, for example, are popular here. After ignition, they distribute small lucky charms or decorative material on the table and in the room. Party bangers (bottle-shaped bangers that eject streamers after triggering their rip fuse) are also very popular.

Our table fireworks are available in different sizes and designs in packages of 2 – 10 pieces, with and without party accessories (streamers, air trunks, firecrackers, party bangers, sparklers).

Table fireworks can be used as decorations and mood setters. The different themes of party accessories fits any event. Let us surprise you!


Crackers are also subject to age restrictions. As category 1 fireworks, they are available year-round and are approved for purchase and use by persons 12 years of age and older.
Always place tabletop bombs on a flat, non-heat sensitive surface before igniting. As Category 1 fireworks, tabletop fireworks are available year-round and are approved for purchase and use by persons 12 years of age and older.