Responsible handling

Fireworks should bring joy - and with the right handling - they do!

For centuries, people in Europe and around the world have enjoyed fireworks Sadly, sometimes there are reports of pyrotechnic products being misused. NICO strictly rejects the improper handling or use against people. But: It is not the fireworks that are the problem. It is the people who use a beautiful custom for the wrong purposes. It is therefore important to be prudent and act responsibly in terms of one’s own health and that of others. Special consideration should be given to the health of the youngest.

Common sense and thoughtful action are the key to success

Education is the be-all and end-all: that’s why the pyrotechnic industry advocates personal responsibility on the one hand, but also feels it has a duty not to leave society to its own devices when it comes to dealing with fireworks: The top priority when using fireworks is to avoid endangering oneself and others. Reason and prudent action are the key to success here.