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Where there is recklessness, there is also danger – the use of fireworks is not regulated by the Explosives Act (SprengG) for nothing. Fireworks are supposed to be fun, and with the right handling, they are. It is therefore important to be prudent and act responsibly in terms of one’s own health and that of others. Fireworks are our passion. So that all fireworks enthusiasts can share this passion without accidents, we have a particularly high transparency requirement and act as advisors. We advocate personal responsibility, but do not leave society to deal with fireworks on its own: in our role, we educate people about our products and give advice on how to use them safely. Handling fireworks requires a certain maturity and responsibility.

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Recognizing dangers - avoiding accidents

Below you will find infomration on the safe handling of fireworks and tips on the safe storage and transport of fireworks.

How to recognize tested fireworks: Tested fireworks are marked with a CE mark and a registration number. The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) has number 0589.

It is regulated by law how many kilograms of fireworks your are allowed to transport and store. Pay attention to the total quantity – to the gross mass or net explosive mass (NEM).

BAM ist one of the EU-wide testing bodies that tests pyrotechnic articles for safety before they are placed on the market.

CE mark and registration number

  • When buying, look for the CE mark and registration number, so you can recognize tested fireworks. Tested fireworks are marked with a registration number and a CE mark.
  • The registration number contains the identification number of the testing body that conducted the EU type test for the firework.
  • The CE mark is combined with the identification number of the test center that monitors quality assurance at the manufacturer.
  • Throughout Europe, 14 test centers are authorized to test pyrotechnics – 13 of them fireworks. In Germany, fireworks are often tested by BAM.
  • 0589 – F2 – 1254 is an example of a registration number assigned by BAM. F2 stands for fireworks of category 2. 1254 is a consecutive number.