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Silent fireworks

The volume on New Year’s Eve has also played a special role for years – especially for pet owners. When it comes to volume effects, our manufacturers adhere to the values specified in the essential safety requirements of the EU Pyrotechnics Directive. Category F2 fireworks must therefore not exceed a limit of 120 decibels (A, Imp.) at a distance of eight meters. 

For category F1 articles, the limit of 120 dBA is only one meter away. We also offer many noise-reduced, low-volume to quiet firework items. For example, NICO has had the “pet-friendly” items e.g. “Light Box” (item number: 53534) for years, many Roman lights, fountains, volcanoes and fire pots also have noise-reduced effects. Since 2019, we have been using a seal to refer to particularly noise-reduced items, such as batteries without dismantling. We offer products and answers to a changing market demand. For years we have also been pointing out to buyers of fireworks that the category 1 ranges, which are particularly relevant for families, are significantly quieter. This benefits dogs, cats, birds and wild animals on New Year’s Eve.

We also appeal annually to fireworks users to refrain from purchasing the significantly louder, illegal fireworks. The so-called “Poland bangers” are characterized by an increased flash bang rate, which is permitted under European directives, but is prohibited by the German Explosives Act (see §20 Abs.4 Nr.1 SprengV) for the end user. Due to the increased explosive power of the set, which is illegal in Germany, injuries can also occur, which would not happen with legal fireworks in this way. So-called sound generators (category P1) are increasingly ignited on New Year’s Eve in recent years, but their volume is well above the permitted 120 dBA at a distance of 8 meters. They are only intended or permitted for certain purposes (for example, filming), but not for New Year’s Eve. We are explicitly against improper use of P1 articles!

This is what pet owners can do on New Year's Eve

Also good to know...

Dogs react strongly to moods, therefore people should radiate calmness and composure in their presence. If animals seek protection from humans, this should be granted. Slow stroking or light massages can support. Frightened dogs should not be additionally unsettled by compassionate behavior, convey security.

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Fireworks should be fun for everyone

Young, old, small, big, in the middle of the action or more reserved on the sidelines: they all want to enjoy the New Year’s Eve fireworks. It is up to everyone involved to ensure that the evening is remembered fondly. BEFORE lighting, attention should be paid to the surroundings. Pedestrians or vehicles should be allowed to pass first. Animals must also be considered, as they are often skittish. It is helpful to engage in conversation with the animal owner beforehand and discuss upcoming plans. Mutual understanding helps everyone enjoy a great New Year’s Eve. Let it rip, but with consideration!