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nico europe aktuelles bild von mitarbeiter beim aufbau silkeborg fireworks regatta show

17.08.2017 | Silkeborg Fireworks Regatta

In Silkeborg (Denmark), Silkeborg Fireworks regatta takes place from 15 to 19 August around the port. Four international teams participate in the european fireworks championship and it is the first time we participate.

We keep our fingers crossed for our colleagues when competing against France, Spain and Sweden. Shooting happens from a 400 sqm pontoon on the water.

We will of course provide you with further information and pictures in the near future.

nico europe rhein in flammen rote bengalen und weiße aufstiege zu roten feuerwerkseffekten
Foto © Jürgen Köhler

12.08.2017 | Rhine in Flames

On 12 August it happened again: The Rhine river shined in the light of our pyrotechnic artworks. With overall eight display fireworks plus firework finale on Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, we illuminated the Rhine river stretch between Spay and Koblenz.

For those who could not be there:
The video from SWR about Rhine in Flames can be seen here. It will be availabel until 13 September.


20.07.2017 | Stage items made in NICOland…

That's reason to celebrate!... With pride and joy we unveil, that our eagerly awaited house-made stage items, developed with lots of life blood and hard work, have finally arrived.

Special Highlights of this assortment? Perfectly clear: our multi color flake foutain - effect height: 10 metres - and our silver stage fountain with an effect height of - believe it or not - 12 (!!!) metres. WOW!

nico europe hoffest 2017 abschlussfeuerwerk
Foto © Jan Schugardt

17.06.2017 | 2017 courtyard party

On 17 June, 2017, we hosted our popular courtyard party including the presentation of our product innovations and the final fireworks display. More than 1,000 guests followed our invitation and mingled with colleagues and professionals from the event and fireworks industry and the retailing industry.

Together we experienced an eventful evening with an awesome entertainment programme and great culinary offerings. After the fireworks show and the following tombola, there was celebrating on the after show part

Gather impressions and view our video of the 2017 courtyard party.

nico europe news kataloge cover katalog 2017

11.04.2017 | Our new catalogues have arrived!

We have all together wishfully awaited them, now they are finally here: our 2017 catalogues! For the first time we complemented the spectrum of catalogues (main catalogue, party items, professional fireworks) with an additional special catalogue for our New Year's Eve fireworks novelties.

As usual, our catalogues can be viewed- and of course be downloaded - in our catalogue section.

Take me there!

nico europe bild aus kanaltrailer gelbes nico logo vor vielen bunten effektaufstiegen

22.03.2017 | “And Action!” – the new NICO trailer

In case you have been wondering "What are they actually doing...?" This is exactly what we now show you with our new channel trailer on YouTube!

With this little profile we provide you a brief insight into our daily business, hoping to give you a proper impression of it. Enjoy watching it! ... Aaaaaaand Action!...

Visit our youtube channel...

nico europe feuerwerke philippine international pyromusical competition offizielles logo 2017

07-02-2017 | NICO attends 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

On 18 February, 2017, the pyro designers of NICO Europe will again prove their ability to conjure up amazing fireworks to the sky in the course of an 18 minute show according to the motto "Classic goes Rock" at the 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

The competition takes place in front of the Mall of Asia, one of Asia's largest shopping centres. The spectators find themselves vis-à-vis to the structures of the fireworks on the water, whereas the fireworks choreography are reflecting in the sea.


nico europe aktuelles gelbes explosiv-warnzeichen auf grauem grund neben explosion, darüber text

17-01-2017 | NICO attends Nuremberg Toy Fair

This is where international toy markets come together: renowned brands, toy innovations, licensed products, trendy start-ups, buyers of large trading companies, independent retailers and a plethora of media representatives make the toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany, the most important event for the toy industry.

We will be on site for you from 1 - 6 February and we already look forward to your visit at our booth in
Hall 9, Booth A 51


nico europe unternehmen logo des partners bam

14-12-2016 | BAM press conference on New Year's Eve fireworks

Today BAM held a press conference to provide information about the safe handling of New Year's Eve fireworks.

Rockets, Bangers, or battery fireworks have to be checked for safety before being marketed in Europe - and therefore also in Germany. Certified fireworks are labelled with a registration number and the CE sign in conjunction with the identification number of the inspection body monitoring the manufacturer's quality assurance. The Europe-wide valid identification number of BAM is 0589.



24-09-2016 | Liuyang creative musical Fireworks Competition 2016

NICO meets Liuyang Dingten Fireworks! On the occasion of the Liuyang creative musical Fireworks Competition, our pyrotechnicians teamed up with our manufacturer Liuyang Dingten Fireworks' pyrotechnicians and created a breathtaking 15 minute Western styled show.

For both sides it was the first cooperation of this kind and something very special as european teams are rare occurences at this regional competition in China.

Photos of the show and further information can be found here.

nico europe news aktuelles current fußball landet im netz, grüner rasen im hintergrund

22-08-2016 | Kickoff of the Kicktipp season

Dear partners and friends, the countdown has started. On 26 August, the new German professional soccer league starts - and so does our Kicktipp season 2016/2017.

Current pairings and scores can be found here.

For those who wish to join in newly: please register here.

And a final advice: Tipping correctly pays off! The winner receives a pleasant surprise from the house of NICO...

Keep the BALL!!!

nico europe feuerwerke rhein in flammen zuschauer auf schiff bestaunen grün-silberne fächereffekte am boden und darüber rot beleuchtetes schloss

13-08-2016 | Rhine in Flames ®

NICO Europe illuminates the rhine with 8 fireworks - highligt: a 25 minute display fireworks shot from the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress opposite the "German Corner" in Koblenz. For 61st time our pyrotechnicians created "Rhine in Flames Koblenz" und illumated the Rhenish night sky with their artworks for hundreds of thousands of spectators on the shores and on the ships. Read more...

For those who wish to make their own impressions:
The video reporting of the SWR media library (finale starting at 1h10min): SWR media library.

nico europe news aktuelles confetti-shooter vor weissem hintergrund

29-07-2016 | Guess who's back!

THEY'RE BACK! As of now, our Confetti-Shooters are available again in the sizes 30, 60, and 80 centimentres, with flying hearts filling, of course with hardly flammable, waterproof foil and a range of up to 10 metres depending on the size of the item. All the rage on every party!

nico europe feuerwerke potsdamer feuerwerkersinfonie zwei gefächerte aufstiege in gold mit grünen sternen, darüber zwei palmeneffekte mit grünem zentrum

23-07-2016 | Potsdamer Feuerwerkersinfonie - And the day's winner is NICO!

At the 15th Potsdamer Feuerwerkersinfonie - championship of the pyrotechnicians - in Potsdam on Saturday, our pyrotechnicians became winner of the day with their show "Love, Peace & Unity".

Every year, four European teams of pyrotechnicians compete against each other in order to illuminate the night sky above more than 18,000 spectators with their artworks on two evenings at Volkspark Potsdam. Read more...

nico europe unternehmen company hoffest 2016 summer party 2016 gigantisches gefächertes feuerwerk mit goldenen und blauen aufstiegen mit blinksternen, davor begeisterte zuschauer

04-06-2016 | 18. Courtyard party: We celebrate NICO Europe!

On 4 June, 2016, we hosted our popular courtyard party with a demonstration of our product innovations and the final display fireworks in combination with a laser show.

More than 1,000 guests followed our invitation. Together we experienced an exciting evening with an awesome entertainment programme. It was the first opportunity to celebrate the new NICO Europe company - the merger of Pyro-Partner and NICO-Lünig Event - together with our customers. Read more....

nico europe aktuelles kataloge partykatalog 2016 catalogue for party articles 2016 cover stimmungsmacher fuer jedes fest

26-02-2016 | There it is! Our catalogue for party items

Imagine a party without streamers, garlands, confetti, glow sticks, hats, christmas crackers, party horns, and table fireworks.... You find that boring? So we do!

In our new catalogue, we compiled party items for every occasion, every age group and after everyone's fancy for you to assure you will not need to imagine parties without appropriate items turning your party into an absolute highlight.

Of course you can also view the party catalogue as a flip catalogue in the catalogue section. Happy browsing and discovering!

nico europe produkte products b2b kataloge catalogues hauptkatalog main catalogue 2016 cover

21-01-2016 | We are starting into the new year and the main catalogue is quite ready

There it is, the new main catalogue! Newly arrived, we have also made the good piece available as a flip catalogue. You can find it in our catalogue section. Enjoy your thoroughly studying!

The catalogues for party items, stage-, indoor and professional fireworks will follow soon .

NICO Europe Logo yellow gelb 292x146px zum download

01-11-2015 | Just call us NICO Europe!

With effect to 1st November 2015 we merged the sister companies Pyro-Partner from Berlin and NICO-Lünig Event from Remscheid and will from now on be there for you as NICO Europe GmbH. Together with the colleagues from Remscheid, our team has grown up to 50 members.

Benefit from our new corporate structure through more efficient processes, optimized customer service, as well as a uniform and more attractive product and service range.

Your previous contacts will furthermore be available for you under the last known phone numbers.

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