Our courtyard party - together we party hard!

Since 1999, in Berlin once a year we party hard on our courtyard party for and with our coustomers. What started out as small event with a focus on the presentation of our new products, with approx. 100 guests and a couple of stands for food and drinks, only few stage programme, and a presentation shooting on our own yard, developped into a mega event during the past years.

It is now the ultimate branch meeting for experts from the event and pyrotechnics industry, and is gladly used to mingle with colleagues and to establish new contacts. Meanwhile we welcome more than 1,000 guests every year. With an extensive stage programme between many versatile stands for food, drinks, information and entertainment, we barbecue and laugh with one another, and also dance until dawn in our selfmade yard disco on the after show party.

The absolute highlight and crowning glory of the event is a gigantic premium firework on a large terrain situated nearby our premises, which takes place directly after the presentation of our product innovations.

The whole team expresses its gratitude for wonderful evenings to all of our guests, partners and sponsors and is already looking forward to the upcoming event in June, 2017.

Gather impressions of our past courtyard parties:

nico europe hoffest 2016 sliderbild abschlussfeuerwerk silberne und goldene gefächerte effekte
nico europe hoffest 2015 sliderbild bauchtänzerinnen vor sponsorenwand
nico europe hoffest 2014 sliderbild 30 jahre pyro-partner in roter flammenschrift

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