NICO Shop for retailers

We have set up a separate area in the NICO Shop for dealers. It is password-protected and can only be viewed after you have successfully logged in as a retailer. After you have logged in, you can discover the high-quality NICO fireworks at attractive prices and browse the download area. We deliver our popular and well-known items in our NICO quality, which has been tried and tested for many decades.

Browse the NICO Shop and discover our premium fireworks, Youth fireworks, year-round items, New Year’s rockets, party items, sparklers or Bengal lights.

NICO tip: compound fireworks that you only have to light once (battery fireworks or fireworks batteries) or photographs and fireworks lettering in the sky.

You can download the following documents under DOWNLOADS for dealers:

  • General NICO forms
  • NICO article images and videos

Not yet a NICO shop customer?​

This shopping option is reserved for our specialist dealers and large fireworks customers. Are you already a customer of ours or are you planning to sell fireworks in your shop, then you can request your access data here.

Do you already have access data? Great! Then you can log in here.

Is this your first visit to our shop? Information about the functions as well as our delivery and payment conditions can be found here.

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