FireFly by NICO

Unique ignition system with radio control

It’s never been easier. With the FireFly app, control fireworks directly from smartphone. Design your own fireworks shows, pyromusicals or ignite individual fireworks manually. With FireFly, private fireworks take on a new dimension! Easily program individual shows from your phone, select music and ignite.

With the modern Wi-Fi mesh technology (Wi-Fi generated by the FireFly module itself) you can combine almost unlimited FireFly ignition systems. Different color codes and device names are stored in the FireFly Cloud system.

Your Advantages 

  1. Plug-and-play ignition module with 15 channels
  2. App and cloud-based program
  3. LED indicator lights on channels provide highly visible info on current device status
  4. Reusable Clips – With unique, reusable ignition clips, you’ll enjoy your FireFly ignition system for a long time.
  5. Easy-to-Use – The patented FireFly system is intuitive to use, elegant and user-friendly.
  6. FireFly module creates its own W-LAN network (Wi-Fi Mesh)
  7. Connect unlimited FireFly modules – easily and securely connect modules together with Wi-Fi Mesh.


NICO FireFly App

The revolutionary FireFly app enables a unique and safe fireworks show. With the “Manual Firing” mode or the “Create Show” mode, fireworks shows can be easily designed.
With pre-programmed shows in the app, the desired items can be easily selected and included.

With the cell phone, tablet or Apple Watch, the fireworks are manually controlled and ignited over a distance of up to 200 meters. Simply play your own music via Bluetooth speakers or a music system (AUX) and your personal and unique musical fireworks are created.

The product catalog in the app is free and contains numerous items, effect videos and runtime details for planning your individual show. Self-created shows can be quickly and easily shared with friends and family or exported/imported using the QR code.

The FireFly app is free – download now!

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