NICO Smoke

NICO Smoke Grenades for Paintball and Airsoft

NICO Smoke is the perfect tool for all paintball & softair sportsmen! They provide protection, confuse opponents and send signals to their own teammates. Smoke items are also used in police and fire department simulation exercises. The Smoke items can be used all year round and are not temperature sensitive.


  1. Dense smoke in intense colors
  2. Color directly visible on lid
  3. Can be used all year round – not temperature sensitive
  4. Always ready to hand – optimized for paintball belts and bags
  5. Plastic-free in the field – with environmentally friendly cardboard lid
  6. Reliable & effective with up to 180 seconds effect duration
    Burns noiselessly

NICO Smoke for Art and Photography

Smoke Tubes or smoke bombs are perfect for theaters, film productions, art installations and photographers. The unique smoke clouds are a great design element.

Smoke is a highlight for all photographers and artists! Just ignite once and create great effects for up to 120 s. With Smoke you create a wonderful ambience or a mysterious atmosphere. Combine the many different colors and create a magical atmosphere on set!

Our tip: Use Smoke for wedding pictures or outdoor photo shoots. Your customers will be thrilled!


With Smoke to the next level

The new NICO Smoke products are specially developed for high requirements in paintball & softair. With the high-quality metal breakaway fuse and the environmentally friendly cardboard lid, we combine quality and environmental awareness. Discover now! Our Smoke Grenades are available in two versions: Single-sided smoking or with smoke coming out of both sides.

  • Plastic-free – lids made of environmentally friendly cardboard
  • Reliable & effective – 50 to 80 seconds effect duration
  • Burns silently, produces dense and intense smoke

190 and 120 seconds Smoke
For Firefighters, Police and Emergency Services

The Smoke items with extra long run time of 120 and 190 seconds are designed for fire drills, special training and simulations for police and fireworks.

When used for indoor fire drills, respirators or suitable respiratory protection must be worn.


Note: Not for entertainment & amusement purposes. Pyrotechnic articles of category P1 are NOT New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Intended use: paintball, softair, leak/exhaust testing, simulation, signaling and training.g.