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Fireworks for pyrotechnicians by NICO

We have set up an extra area for you in the NICO shop. It is password-protected and can only be viewed after you have successfully logged in as a pyrotechnician. After logging in, you can discover the high-quality NICO large fireworks items at attractive prices and browse the download area. We have put together all the important documents and information material for you – just download them! You can download the following documents from the DOWNLOADS for pyrotechnicians:

  • NICO price lists for large and stage fireworks
  • NICO article master as an Excel file
  • General NICO forms for fireworks/pyrotechnics
  • NICO article images and videos

We need to talk…
about fireworks, our environment and large fireworks.

We will tell you 7 reasons why you should continue to rely on large fireworks. The truth is, large fireworks are not polluters.
We clear up the 5 biggest myths about fine dust, CO2 and pollutants from fireworks. For this we have researched for a long time, worked through numerous studies and scientific papers.

Would you like to make your event something very special? Looking for a highlight to round off your event program? A professional fireworks display has everything you are looking for!

We get to the bottom of your questions:

  • Big fireworks – 7 reasons why you don’t have to go without
  • Why drone shows are not an alternative to fireworks
  • Does the negative perception match reality?
  • Are there alternatives for large events?
  • What is the opinion of the citizens on the subject of large fireworks?

We will tell you the answers to these questions in our current brochure.

Topseller pyrotechnics

Not yet a NICO shop customer?​

Are you a professional fireworker (in Germany), but do not yet have the appropriate access data? Then you can request them here. Please send us a copy of your permit according to § 7 or the certificate of competence according to § 27 of the Explosives Act by fax or e-mail.

Start you career as pyrotechnician at NICO!

You are not yet a pyrotechnician, but are fired up to acquire this qualification? Then you’ve come to the right place! Read more under Career.