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Set off system fireworks yourself

Set off professional fireworks yourself – even during the year – without the use of a pyrotechnician with the Easybox! Be enchanted by the ready and pre-assembled fireworks up to 12 minutes. Different effects and colors are perfectly matched by us, so you only have to open the box, connect the modules and set off only once and enjoy the system fireworks. The fireworks are suitable for public events, corporate parties and weddings as well as for simple garden parties.
Surprise your guests with a fantastic fireworks show at the end of your event! Order your personal Easybox online NOW.

How the Easybox works

The Easybox system fireworks are one or more flexibly combinable modules in special boxes, in which the pre-assembled system fireworks are inside. You don’t have to worry about almost anything – there’s no need for long set-up, worrying about the choreography, or looking for a large burning area. All you have to do: quickly and safely connect the individual modules with the included easybox composite ignition cords to create a complete fireworks show. And then all you have to do is OPEN. FIRE. FASCINE.

EASYBOX bundles

EASYBOX modules

Light pictures

With our Easyboxes you will experience a varied and spectacular fireworks show. The Easybox packages include several modules and each of them represents a fantastic fireworks show with a fabulous effect duration of up to 12 minutes – and that with only one ignition.

Enjoy a varied and spectacular Easybox fireworks show with an effect duration of 3.5 – 12 minutes. The modules can be combined with each other as desired and allow you to create a completely individual fireworks show according to your wishes. Try it out and let your creativity run wild!

As a pretty and effective completion of your individual Easybox fireworks, our Easybox light pictures are just perfect. Give your fireworks an additional personal touch, e.g. with the initials of a bridal couple for wedding fireworks or a number for round birthdays or anniversaries.

Advantages, Preparation & Permissions

Advantages of the Easybox

1. Only 1x ignition: Enjoy a brilliant fireworks show..
2. minute-long effects: Individual modules inspire with unique choreographies.
3. without previous knowledge: create a spectacular fireworks in the sky.
4. ideal wedding fireworks: the highlight of any celebration!
5. low price: Easyboxes in a package or as a bundle with light picture.


With the Easybox we offer you a complete firework. For this purpose, you are welcome to use the form provided by us. You can find further information on the topic of approval in our FAQ. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our hotline.

Forms for Easybox fireworks and T1 light displays can be found here:

In 3 steps to a system firework

Step 1
Select and order box

Step 2
Set up and connect modules

Step 3
Set off and fascinate

From fireworks enthusiasts to private hosts who want to create a special evening to exclusive hoteliers and restaurateurs, the Easybox always creates breathtaking moments for every event. The individual module variants are categorized into start, extension and finale, differ in their effect choreographies and can be combined at will to create a varied and spectacular fireworks show. Find the appropriate Easybox for any event such as party, birthday or wedding fireworks and order them easily online. Discover all the effects of the modules and be inspired by the long runtime!

Easybox Effect videos

After the online ordering process, you can sit back and let us do the work. We deliver our Easyboxes and light pictures to our customers with reliable shipping partners. This way, we can guarantee a safe and intact arrival of our Easyboxes.

At the permitted location, all you need to do is set up the modules as described in the enclosed set-up plan, open the boxes by pulling on the tear tab, and connect them using composite fuses. Make sure the cartons have a secure and level place to stand. Enjoy the show! Whether anniversary, birthday party or wedding fireworks – an Easybox is the highlight of any celebration!

Start your fireworks by igniting the fuse on the starter module. After igniting once, quickly move away from the fireworks. We recommend that spectators keep a safe distance of at least 25 meters. The fireworks follow a typical sequence with introduction, main part and spectacular finale.

Surrender to the beautiful and impressive effects and marvel at the professional fireworks together with your guests. After the fireworks spectacle, the boxes can simply be disposed of with household waste. A separate disposal is not necessary.

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