The firing system of the future

What is IGNITE i18?

Fulfill the dream of your own fireworks and enjoy the magic of pyrotechnics – without prior knowledge! With our ignition system you can effortlessly set off fireworks like a pro. The IGNITE i18 makes it possible!

With the IGNITE i18 firing system, we give you the ability to set off multiple fireworks at the same time and plan shows in advance. The IGNITE i18 opens up a new level of creativity and control. IGNITE was developed by engineer and pyro enthusiast Scott Smith and his team at COBRA Firing Systems.
IGNITE features a simple user interface, manual and automatic firing, integrated catalogs, and much more….

Discover all the advantages now!

Simply set off your own fireworks for

How does the IGNITE ignition system work?

With our IGNITE ignition system, fireworks magic can be created by anyone – let the sky shine! With an ignition system, you can easily set off fireworks and program and ignite spectacular fireworks without pyrotechnician know-how.

IGNITE scores by operating with an integrated rechargeable battery that you can charge via USB. With only ONE battery charge you can use the system for about 20-24 hours at a time.

To plan and design your own show use the NICO Showdesigner. So you can put together your planned fireworks show in our 3D simulator. Everything ready? Perfect! Now let’s get started. Connecting the fireworks is not difficult. Simply connect the batteries with e.g. standard kipper igniters or our NICO Glow igniters.

Now comes the big moment – you start firing your pyro show with the Ignite app for smartphones or the desktop application. Unleash your inner fireworks master with our simple ignition system!

Enter the world of breathtaking fireworks with the revolutionary IGNITE ignition system! In this introductory video you will get an insight into the latest technology that will take your firework experience to a new level.

Watch this video to find out how you can easily connect several IGNITE modules together and create even bigger fireworks. There are no limits to your creativity and the possibilities of combining individual firework articles in the future.

Advantages IGNITE i18

Highlight of the evening

No more manual ignitions

Simple & fast

Intuitive handling

Enjoy the show

No stress, no rush

Reliable & safe

Safety for your friends & family

Advantages Details
Via app or programmable via PC or MAC computer
Ignition clips
Easy assembly - disposable igniter (bridge igniter)
Range modules
approx. 50-100 m (Bluetooth 5, power saving, very good signal)
20-24 hrs. runtime with one battery charge
Selection of modules in app
Illuminated color identification when using multiple modules
Weather resistant
Outdoor suitable, resistant to rain and fireworks fallout
Ignition circuits per module
Connection modules
6 items can be connected
Item selection from database
You can find NICO articles incl. effects in the database

Design a show and ignite via app

IGNITE i18 ignition module

Create your own show now and shoot your show in Automatic or Manual mode. The long range Bluetooth connection will not let you down. With the LED color display of the luminous module and the waterproof design, the module is 100% outdoor suitable.


With the Show Designer you can design your own fireworks show. Create shows of any size with up to 108 ignitions and up to 6 (!) Ignite modules. Would you like to try the Showbuilder? Our show designer is for free!

Ignite App​

Easy to use and self-explanatory - the IGNITE app gives you full control over your show or pyromusical. You can also view and change the current battery charge level, connected items and module color (red, green, blue, turquoise, pink, purple) in the app.