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Here you can obtain an overview of our upcoming events in the near future. Save the date!

Events in 2017

Manila18-02-20178th Philippine Pyromusical Competition
Solingen08-04-2017Fireworks at Frühjahrskirmes
Remscheid28-04-2017Fireworks at Maikirmes
Düsseldorf20-05-2017Japanese fireworks at Japan day
Remscheid27-05-2017Fireworks at Parkfoodfestival
Wuppertal09-06-2017Fireworks at Megakirmes
Lindlar-Frielingsdorf19-06-2017Fireworks at marksmen's fair
Remscheid24-06-2017Fireworks at EssKULTour in the city centre
Remscheid30-06-2017Fireworks at marksmen's fair
Düsseldorf21.07.2017Fireworks along the Rhine at "Rheinkirmes"
Bergisch Born29-07-2017Fireworks at fire brigade festival
Opladen31-07-2017Fireworks at city festival
Wesel05-08-2017Pyro musical at city festival
Koblenz12-08-2017Rhine in Flames
Silkeborg, Denmark17-08-2017Silkeborg Fireworks Regatta
Waldbreitbach19-08-2017Pyro musical at bachelors festival
Worms03-09-2017Fireworks at fried fish festival
Remscheid09-09-2017Firework at park food festival
Angermund09-09-2017Fireworks at marksmen's fair
Bonn-Beuel22-10-2017Fireworks for Bonner Personen Schiffahrt

Events in 2016

Düsseldorf-Rheinwiesen22-07-2016Fireworks display as crowning glory of "Rheinkirmes"
Potsdam23-07-2016Pyromusical at Potsdamer Feuerwerkersinfonie
Remscheid-Bergisch Born30-07-2016combined fireworks display at Fire Brigade Festival
Opladen01-08-2016Kat.4 fireworks at city festival
Wesel06-08-2016Pyromusical alog the Rhine at city festival
Hilgen08-08-2016small fireworks at shooting match
Koblenz13-08-2016Rhine in Flames - 8 fireworks between Spay and Koblenz
Waldbreitbach20-08-2016Pyromusical at the Wied for bachelor party
Scheveningen (NL)20-08-2016Combined fireworks display at international fireworks festival
Lindlar-Lichterfest27-08-2016Combined fireworks display for light festival
Markgöningen29-08-2016Aerial fireworks at "Schäferlauf" (public Festival)
Waldbronn03-09-2016combined fireworks display at spa gardens festival
Wülfrath09-09-2016small fireworks at shooting match
Angermund10-09-2016Aerial fireworks at shooting match
Bonn23-10-2016combined fireworks display for Bonner Personen Schiffahrt (passenger shipping)
Remscheid18-11-2016Opening fireworks at Christmas market
Remscheid23-12-2016Fireworks at the end of Christmas market
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