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Article illustrations / videos

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Article illustrations

as zipped JPG file
(300 dpi / CMYK / trim paths included):
Download: click here

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Article videos

as open MP4-file
(partly HD or full HD):
Download: click here

Common forms

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Distribution notice

The distribution of fireworks has to be announced in writing to the competent authority (mostly public order office) two weeks before starting the sales activity. Please fill in the form (includes leaflet and guidelines for properly filling) correctly and thoroguhly and keep a copy for your records. Please submit the original to your competent authority.

Direct debit authorization

If you wish to pay conveniently by direct debit, please indicate your bank data here.


This form is needed to confirm the purpose of fireworks of the T1 category.
Let your customer fill in and sign the form.

Exemption form

Wtih this form, consumers can apply for an exemption for the purchase and use of New Year's Eve fireworks (category 2 fireworks) beside the legal days of sale.

Order forms

You can find our order forms in our protected download areas for retailers and pyrotechnicians. You require login data to access the protected area.

You do not yet have any login data? In this case you can generate them here.

Protected area for retailers

Click here to get to the protected download area for retailers.

In this area you will inter alia find

  • our stock list (Excel file)
  • article illustrations
  • article videos

Our catalogues can be viewed here.

Protected area for pyrotechnicians

Click here to get to the protected download area for pyrotechnicians.

In this area you will inter alia find

  • our stock list (Excel file)
  • our catalogue and price list for professional fireworks
  • article illustrations
  • article videos
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