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Article Pictures and Videos

Article Images

As a zipped JPG-file 
(300 dpi / CMYK / incl. clipping path):

Article Videos​

As MP4 file in Full HD
for Download available
or also in 4K on request: contact

Forms, Article Master, Price Lists for Dealers & Pyrotechnicians


Click here for the password-protected area for retailers! 

You will find there, among other things 

  • Fireworks order forms
  • Article master as an Excel file Price list
  • Stage fireworks 
  • Item pictures
  • Article videos

You can find our catalogs here.


Click here for the password-protected area for pyrotechnicians! 

You will find there, among other things

  • Fireworks order forms
  • Article master fireworks display as an Excel file
  • Catalog for large fireworks items
  • Pictures article videos

General Forms


The responsible authority (usually the regulatory authority) must be notified in writing of the sale of fireworks two weeks before the first sale begins. Please fill out the form (contains a leaflet and instructions on how to fill it out correctly) completely and conscientiously and keep a copy for your records. Please send the original to your responsible office.

Direct debit authorization

If you would like to conveniently pay by direct debit, please enter your bank details here.

Fireworks exception permit

With this form for the public order office, end consumers apply for an exemption for the purchase and burning of New Year’s Eve fireworks (fireworks of category II) during the year. 


You need this form to confirm the intended use of class T1 fireworks. Have it filled out and signed by your customer (end user).

General forms for EasyBox & Lichterbilder

Ausnahmegenehmigung für Easyboxen & Module

Mit diesem Formular für das Ordnungsamt beantragen Endverbraucher die Ausnahmegenehmigung für den Erwerb und Abbrand von Silvesterfeuerwerk (Feuerwerk der Kategorie II) während des Jahres. 

Lichterbilder T1-Bestätigung

Dieses Formular benötigen Sie zur Bestätigung des Verwendungszweckes von Lichterbildern der Klasse T1. Lassen Sie es von Ihrem Kunden (Endverbraucher) ausfüllen und unterschreiben. 



Download the NICO Europe logo for all common applications in a ZIP archive (only 243 KB) with the following content:

  1. NICO-Europe logo for offset printing
    File format: .eps
    Size: freely scalable
    Color space: CMYK

  2. NICO-Europe logo for office documents
    File format: .jpg
    Size: 461×260 pixels corresponds to 3.9 x 2.2 cm at 300 dpi
    Color space: RGB

  3. NICO-Europe logo for the internet
    File format: .png
    Size: 146 x 74 pixels corresponds to 5.15 x 2.61 cm at 72 dpi
    Color space: RGB