Volume and animal protection

The band of the fireworks should herald new resolutions

Fireworks go off with a bang – and for good reason. Traditionally, we say goodbye to the old year and enter the new one with new motivation, dreams and hope. Firecrackers and light effects express something positive: We celebrate! Fireworks are traditionally used to drive away evil spirits. Today, New Year’s Eve is mainly about making new resolutions and saying goodbye to old, bad habits.

The maximum volume of fireworks is regulated by law. NICO, as well as all other members and manufacturers active in the German Pyrotechnic Industry Association (VPI), adhere to the EU-wide pyrotechnics directive, which is also laid down in the Explosives Act, when it comes to volume effects.

On New Year's Eve be considerate of dog, cat and Co.

NICO therefore advocates that fireworks should only be used outside bird sanctuaries and also not in the vicinity of pets. In addition, pet owners can take measures to ensure that their four-legged friends also have a good start to the new year. We are continuously working on the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones with the aim of reducing the volume of certain products.

(3 Noise reduced: without noisy bursting charge compared to conventional fireworks.