Safety and quality

Safety and quality have the highest value in the fireworks production

Fireworks are high-quality handmade products. Only when the product is safe does it reach the market and the end consumer. Our products therefore undergo several quality assurance measures. The German Pyrotechnic Industry Association (VPI) stands for the highest product standards of its fireworks manufacturers: All members’ articles are tested, approved, legal and safe according to strict regulations.

All products of the member companies are marked with registration numbers and CE marks and are distributed exclusively according to the requirements of the categorization (age and time release as well as degree of danger) according to the Explosives Act (SprengG).


Illegal fireworks: the main cause of injuries

Legal abroad, not in Germany. And rightly so in many cases. Many fireworks, especially from neighboring Eastern European countries, are much more harmful and dangerous. They are produced on the basis of other, looser national regulations. In some cases, they do not meet the safety standards required from the point of view of the German Pyrotechnic Industry Association (VPI).

Illegal fireworks are firmly rejected throughout the industry – the products approved and sold in this country meet the highest standards and they do not contain any unauthorized substances or substances that are hazardous to health.