Sustainability and disposal

Renewable materials and reduction of plastics

In Germany and other European countries, research into alternatives to reduce waste has been going on for years. The pyrotechnic industry is also involved – the proportion of plastic and synthetic materials in fireworks is to be steadily reduced. Fireworks are being developed that are significantly more environmentally friendly. Initial successes have already been achieved and are now common practice. Environmental protection is a social challenge that the entire industry in Germany has been facing up to for years on its own initiative and with responsibility.

Positive successes in the industry include:


Our appeal for responsible action

On New Year’s Eve, celebrations generate waste. Every year, this leads to discussions in numerous cities in the Federal Republic. We see here also the society in demand! Every citizen should dispose of his produced garbage properly.

(2 Reduced plastic vs. conventional fireworks, the packaging and feet made of plastic were exchanged for recycled cardboard.